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Aleji Davar, is a Consulting Engineer, in private sector. He is a graduate of University of Tabriz in Iran, and, University of California Davis, in United States of America. His work experience for more than forty years to date, includes a large scale land development project in Moghan Plane in Iran; and civil engineering project design and construction in California, USA.

“Due to never ending social-political and economic crises dominated Iran in nearly past four decades, also due to environmental disasters, and the government’s inability to wisely manage internal and international affairs of the country; the people of various nations that collectively make the country of Iran, more than any time before in history, are in dire need to take a decisive action peacefully, to establish a new order in their homeland to bring freedom and tranquility, and warrant a stable peace and sustainable prosperity for all nations within Iran, and put Iranian people themselves in charge of their destiny without unfounded ambitions and without a need for creating crises for survival.” This book discusses historic causes of the problem and an approach for making such a fundamental change, and its implementation.